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The Non Intrusive Learning Pattern (NILP) technology is used to filter all junk and spam mails.
E-mail Content Scanning
The E-mail content scanning feature scans emails and blocks spam. You can specify certain words or phrases so that mails with such words or phrases in the subject, header or body will be recognized and subsequently quarantined or deleted.
This feature is found at Anti-Spam >  Settings > Phrases.

AntiSpam Technologies
Non Intrusive Learning Pattern (NILP)
MicroWorld ’s revolutionary technology Non Intrusive Learning Patterns (NILP) works on the principles of Artificial Intelligence to create an adaptive mechanism in Spam and Phishing Control. This technology can analyze each email according to the Behavioral Pattern of the user and can take a decision there after. NILP has the capability to learn on its own and can also incorporate regular research feeds from the MicroWorld Server.

eMail Header check
This technology checks the validity of all the headers in the mail and if any of the headers are found to be invalid, the mail will be considered as Spam.
Spam Rules check
X-Spam Rules are rules that describe certain characteristics of a mail and they are matched against the mail header, body and attachment to generate a score for each mail. If the score crosses a threshold value, then the mail is considered as Spam.
Sender Policy Framework (SPF) check
Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is a world standard that helps to prevent forgery of sender address and is a powerful mechanism to stop Phishing mails.
Spam URI Realtime Blacklist (SURBL) check
Unlike normal RBLs, SURBL check works by scanning for the presence of names or URLs of Spam websites in the message body.
Real-time Blackhole List (RBL)
RBL is a DNS Server that lists IP Addresses of known Spam sending machines. If the contacting IP is found to be in one of the blacklisted categories, the connection is terminated.

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