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eScan provides you with a highly advanced feature for blocking non-business and offensive content accessed by employees in an organization. These websites are blocked based on the words and phrases appearing in such websites. Algorithms are employed to avoid any false positives in this process. This same feature is used for advanced Parental Control for safeguarding kids from accessing websites containing adult content

Real time website scanning and blocking
eScan scans websites in real time. When offensive words that you specify are detected in a website, the site is blocked and a message is displayed giving reasons for blocking the site.

Block websites based on predefined pornographic keywords
eScan has parental control feature that allows you to control access to websites You can specify words and phrases like xxx, porn, adults only, poker, etc. that occur in porn and gambling sites. If the accessed site contains such words, it is blocked and not allowed to display on your system.
The following points are explained:

Category carries related group of websites access to all websites that are defined in a category can be either blocked or allowed. For e.g. the category ‘Pornography’ will have websites related to porn. You can block or allow access to sites that occur in this category. Categories like pornography and gambling have been created with a block status. You can create user defined categories.

You can add to the list of words that relate to a category. For e.g. for porn category, you can add words like babes, xxx, etc. If the category Pornography is blocked then eScan blocks any site that has words like babes, xxx, etc.

Everyday about 500 sites related to porn are added to the Internet. To avoid detection, some of the sites are also renamed. This feature ensures that when a site with such words in the content, keywords, script and tags occurs, access to the site is automatically blocked even though it has been renamed.

Site Names
Some well-known sites like playboy, hustler, etc. do not change names. You can specify such sites and access to them is blocked outright.

Block websites using IP Address
Websites can be accessed by entering their IP (Internet Protocol) number. The software should be able to translate the IP number to its web site name and block access if it contains restricted words or is on the banned list.

Block PopUp ads / Java applets/ Scripts/ Cookies / Content like images, movies, video, and application
eScan allows system administrators to block images, applications, audio and video files, popup ads, cookies, etc. from an accessed web site.

Set Restricted Words threshold level
Restricted words like babe, sex, etc. can be found in legitimate sites. In a website, if any words from the list appear as a combination, for more times than set in the threshold value, the site is blocked. This ensures that legitimate sites are displayed and only sites related to porn are blocked.

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