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eScan Protection Center has a virus monitor that constantly keeps monitoring files accessed by the user. The new and powerful On Demand Scanner is equipped with cache technology that leads to faster scans and is light on system resources.

The virus monitor scans not only single files but also files such as archives and self-extractors like ZIP, CAB, RAR and ACE. Many malware writers today pack their harmful code with UPX and archives so that they go undetected during malware scanning. eScan provides the power to stop such files from entering your computer.  

This feature is found at eScan Protection Center > Protection > File Anti – Virus.


Objects to be scanned
The Objects to be scanned section on the left hand side panel lists all the drives, removable or non-removable on the system that will be monitored or scanned.

Actions in case of virus detection
The Actions in case of virus detection section on the right hand side lists the different actions to be taken in case of virus infection. There are many more options available for scanning of drives based on the user’s requirement.

This tab helps you to set the basic setting of File Anti-Virus such as destination path of logs, destination path for Quarantined objects, defining the path of the report file (log), folder to be used in case of an infection and size limit of files for real time monitoring.

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