NovaBACKUP Server – Software de backup para Windows 2008 server e Windows 2003 server Fazer um comentário


 NovaBACKUP Server – Software de backup para Windows 2008 server e Windows 2003 server

 Backup para servidores  Windows

NovaBACKUP Server is a reliable and cost-effective data protection and recovery software to protect critical information stored on your Windows server system. Create and manage easily your backup procedures and automated schedules. With detailed instruction wizards and fast installation, your business will be safe within minutes without the requirement for an IT specialist.


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Operating Systems:
Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP3

Every day computer users lose critical data due to crashes, Internet malware and even theft or vandalism. Protecting data can be done simply and cost-effectively with NovaBACKUP software solutions.  Now users have a choice in data protection – local, online, or both!


Local & Online Backup
  • Your data is protected even in the event of an onsite disaster.
  • Recommended best practice by IT specialists.
  • How, when, where should you backup your data? The choice is yours!
Free & Premium Off-site backup capabilities
  • Integration of online storage services for reliable compatibility
  • Makes economical use of local hard drive space
  • Minimizes investment in local storage devices/networks
  • Your data is available – any time, any where
Disk imaging disaster recovery
  • Allows complete system imaging and complete system restore
  • System restore completed in matter of hours instead of days
  • Bare Metal Restore for quick reconstruction on blank system
  • Essential to business continuity


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