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MailScan for Linux

MailScan for Linux is a reliable web based ‘Real-Time’ mail scanning Software for Linux Mail Servers and performs Spam filtering and virus scanning. It offers a complete and secure security solution for mail servers running on Linux. Some of the Linux mail servers that it protects are: SendMail, Qmail, Exim, PostFix, etc.

With the increased penetration of Linux as an alternate operating system for mail servers, attacks on Linux based mail servers has increased. About 90% of the viruses today enter the organizations via Internet emails. The only solution is to provide content security or, in a broader sense, security plug-ins, at the gateway level and most importantly, everything has to be on a “Real-Time” basis. MailScan for Linux is delivers all these functions. It provides a comprehensive virus, harmful-carrier and content security. It stops these threats before they arrive on to the company’s network. MailScan for Linux acts as a Content-Security and Anti-Virus Software for your Corporate Mail Server. It scans and cleans e-mails that:

Key Features of MailScan

A. Flow between all the local users.
B. Are sent from your Mail Server to the Internet
C. Come into your Mail Server from the Internet (either via SMTP).

  • All the mails pass through MailScan that ensures security and delivery of messages.
  • MailScan works on “TCP-IP Port level” and hence does not require an additional machine to act like a gateway. MailScan for Linux is based highly optimized open source and in-house developed software’s.
  • MailScan for Linux being a gateway, all the mails pass through MailScan where the following functions are performed:
    • Scanning all the e-mails for viruses before letting them through the gateway.
    • SPAM control by checking the validity of the mail senders and their IP-Addresses (available in MailScan for Linux).
  • MailScan for Linux performs virus and content scanning at the gateway and then delivers the mail to the user mailboxes.

MailScan for Linux also has

Anti Virus Scanner
Content (Spam) Scanning
Virus Scanning
Scan Control
Attachment Reservation
Customized Alert Messages
Malicious Attachments Detection
MailScan works like a Service
Heuristics Scanning
Easy and convenient Administration
Get Up-to-date names of Viruses via e-mail
Extensive Logs

System Requirements Version Info
eScan for RedHat
RHEL 5 (64 Bit)
RHEL 5 (32 Bit)
SLES 10.2
Current Version – 3.x

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