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eScan Browser Cleanup provides an easy and efficient means to protect your privacy by erasing details of sites and web pages you have accessed. It allows you to use the Internet without leaving any history or residual data on your hard drive.

The feature is found in eScan Protection Center > Privacy Control > Settings

Auto Erase Options
When you visit sites, the browser stores traceable information in certain Folders and Directories leaving it open for others to view. eScan allows you to remove all the traces of sites you visit. The software auto detects different browsers installed and displays the traceable component and default path where the respective data is stored on your system. You can customize data for each browser.

The traceable component path that eScan removes includes Last Run Menu, Last Find Computer, Cache, PlugIns, Last Search Menu, Recent Documents, Open/Save Dialog box, Cookies, History, Location Bar history, Empty Recycle Bin, Temporary Folder, ActiveX, Files & Folders. A schedule can be set that runs the tasks as per a schedule or the traces removed manually.

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