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eScan’s Popup Filter is a dynamic plug-in for browsers like Internet Explorer, Netscape and Opera. When eScan’s Popup Filter is running, it tells the browser to stop all unsolicited windows from opening and does not interfere with your navigation. Since it stops the browser from downloading and showing PopUps, unlike most pop-up killers, there’s no need to wait while a new window appears and disappears. It offers a screen flash free blocking of PopUps and saves your bandwidth.

White List: Not all PopUps are unsolicited. You may need to fill in an on-line registration form, which is a type of popup. In such cases, you specify the website from which PopUps should be allowed. Such sites are included in the White List.

Hot key: Hot key allows you to assign a key that you keep pressed when you want PopUps enabled temporarily on a page. Click on the hot key button and select one of the buttons from the drop-down list.

Audible Notification: eScan has a feature where a beep or a sound file is played when a PopUp Ad is detected and blocked.

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